Before completing BOTH application steps, please read the camp guidelines.

By submitting my application to serve as a volunteer "COMPANION", I understand that I am committing to the standards and guidelines of Hope Heals Camp, that are as follows:

To fill up first: 

An investment and priority in growing in my personal relationship with Jesus.

To serve others: 

A commitment to a “serve others first” mentality and heart.

To financially support:

  • If selected to serve, I commit to raise or personally give $500 per adult (18 and over) and $250 per child (under 18) and to turn in those funds directly to Hope Heals Camp one week prior to camp. I understand that any funds raised in excess of my goal will go directly to support Hope Heals Camp.

  • I commit to paying the $50 non-refundable deposit upon my acceptance to camp.

To be present:

  • I commit to attend any pre-camp training events.

  • I commit to the dates, locations and times of my selected camp. I understand that my presence is expected for the entire week of camp from Sunday through Friday morning.

To conduct myself above reproach:

  • I commit to the background check required by Hope Heals Camp to participate in camp.

  • I commit to abstain from alcohol while at camp.

  • I commit to following Christ's example of love, service, and purity.




PLEASE NOTE: Families and individuals are welcomed to apply for Compassionate Companion and Camp Crew positions. Please note that individuals age 18 and older must complete their own application, even if they are attending camp with parents or family members. Individuals age 18 and over must complete a background check.